Balachaomaker is a manufacturer of quality shrimp balachao

চিংড়ি বালাচাও

Balachaomaker is dedicated to preserving the authentic flavours of shrimp balachao by using quality shrimp and traditional spices.

The dried shrimp, onion, garlic, and secret spices come together to create a fiery and flavorful dish. It is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of heat in their meals.

If you’re a shrimp lover or a spice enthusiast, spicy shrimp balachao is sure to satisfy your taste buds with its unique and bold flavours.

Experience the true essence of this dish with Balachaomaker’s premium quality products.

One aspect that sets Balachaomaker apart from other shrimp balachao manufacturers is its dedication to preserving the authentic flavours of this dish. By using quality shrimp and traditional spices, they ensure that customers get a taste of the real deal.

The combination of dried shrimp, onion, garlic, and secret spices in Balachaomaker’s spicy shrimp balachao creates a fiery and flavorful experience for those who enjoy bold flavours in their meals. This dish is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of heat to their culinary repertoire.

Shrimp lovers will appreciate the premium quality products offered by Balachaomaker, as they prioritize using only the best ingredients in their recipes.

This commitment to excellence shines through in every bite of their delicious shrimp balachao.

Balachaomaker’s spicy shrimp balachao is sure to satisfy with its bold and aromatic flavours. The careful balance of ingredients creates a dish that excites the taste buds and leaves diners craving more.

When you choose Balachaomaker for your shrimp balachao needs, you’re not just getting a meal. You’re getting an experience that captures the true essence of this beloved dish.

Their attention to detail and commitment to quality make them stand out among competitors in the market.

The balachaomaker ensures the taste of authentic shrimp balachao.

Our premium quality shrimp balachao is also prepared as per your choice. If you enjoy Balachao as a condiment or as a main dish, a Balachaomaker is the perfect option for you.

Our authentic recipe guarantees a rich and flavorful experience that will leave you wanting more. Trust Balachaomaker for all your Balachao needs, and enjoy the taste of Bangladesh in every bite.

However, ordinary balachao contains unnecessary fried onions compared to shrimp. Packaged spices are used in preparation. The balachao loses its crispiness within a short time. The color of the fried material becomes dark.

Authentic balachao is a novel combination of roasted shrimp and golden onion chips in the right proportions. It ensures long-term crispiness. The color of Balachao is golden.

Balachaomaker is a source of quality spices and cooking ingredients. It started its journey in July 2019.

Balachaomaker is the only marketer of homemade shrimp balachao in Bangladesh. Now, it has become a companion in consumers’ everyday lives. You may even follow our Facebook Page. You may dial 01673375594 to discuss details.

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